Hello! We are Mandelbrew.

We make websites.

Making beautiful + easy to use websites is like making good coffee or tea:


First, we harvest

Hello, nice to meet you!

We will gather as much information and content about you, your craft, your ideas if you already have them, your tech-savvy level, your like/dislikes. We can schedule in-person meets, video chats, or if your prefer, we can keep things quiet via e-mail, text messages, and/or questionnaires.


Then, we brew

French Press?
Manual drip?

We will choose the right type of website for your content, the technology to make it easier for you and your users, and the best way to communicate during the project. It is all about the process!


...And, serve!

Cappucino or latte? Multi-page or landing page?

The end result of our collaboration will work in all devices, laptops and desktops!

Our websites are both beautiful and functional. We don't need to compromise one for the other -- our team is small but very specialized.

When Designers do design + Developers do developing
= Beautiful, Responsive Websites.

No watered-down results.
Who wants that?

Some of our latest projects

Kitty Rescue
Pat Herbig Project
Mick Drummer Project

Some stuff we have done for fun (because why not!)

Snow Splat Project
Space Diplomacy Project
Coffee Game Project
Mandelbrew Brand

Mandelbrew is a lush blend of web development + design.

We are a small, specialized duo with complementary skills + a love for everything web + technology + design:


Carlos Avila
Co-founder + Web-Developer + Tea Master

HIS POISON: Match tea & vanilla creamer

Carlos is a Full-Stack Web & Software Developer with over 10 years of experience. He tinkers, he reads tons of sci-fi literature, and plays the bass & keyboards. He has watched (almost) every Kurosawa film in existence. He has a soft spot for Yuki, his favorite cat-child, and her fluffy face.


Johanna Carazo
Co-founder + Web-Designer + Coffee Monster

HER POISON: Short Latte - Iced in the summer.

Johanna designs. She has worked in editorial design, print, illustration and game design during her 10+ years in the busines. She looks up to the Constructivists and anything that blends art & functionality. Strategy & tactic games are her jam. She binge-watches ballet rehearsals in youtube cuddled up with Maschkaa.

Ready to Begin? Let's work together!